It all started in 1978 when Jim Lindsay had his first drum lesson. Soon after he was developing his chops in drum corps, marching bands and later in various jazz ensembles. In 1989 Jim received his AA degree in music from Los Medanos College and studied music (Classical and and Latin percussion) at Cal State Northridge from 1989 to 1993. Since then he has performed in numerous rock projects in the Midwest, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Jim plays on numerous releases with Oranger on Amazing Grease Records (1998-2000) and Jackpine Socal Club Records (2003) who have supported acts such as Wilco, Guided by Voices and R.E.M. Jim's other endeavors include touring extensively with Matador Records recording artist Scott Kannberg's (ex-Pavement) Preston School of Industry in 2001-2002, and the first half of 2003 with Pink and Black Record's The Flipsides.

Currently Jim is performing with Hilarie Sidney's (Apples in Stereo) project The High Water Marks who have released a record on Eenie Meenie Records. and played on their latest record Polar on Happy Happy Birthday to Me records.