The High Water Marks

listen to Dutch Tape
"Polar" (Happy Happy Birthday to Me) 2007
w/ Hilarie Sidney (Apples in Stereo)
(Eenie Meenie Records 2004)

Scandinavia & Europe Tour – Winter 2005
US & Canada Tour – Spring 2004
US & Canada Tour w/ Clinic – Fall 2004

The Marbles

(Spinart Records – US)

“Expo” LP - Spinart Records- 2005
w/Robert Schneider (Apples in Stereo)


(Amazing Grease Records US, Poptones UK, Toy's Factory Japan, Homesleep Italy)

listen to Sorry Paul
listen to Suddenly Upside Down
"Shutdown the Sun" LP (Jackpine Social Club Records) 2003
"Singles Club" EP (Homesleep, Italy) 2003
"Instant Oranger" EP (Sustones) 2003
"Everything is Ending Here" Pavement compilation (Homesleep, Italy) 2002
"Ten Years of Noisepop" (AG Records) 2002
"Texas Snow" 7 Inch (Poptones UK) 2001
"Quiet Vibration Land" LP (AG Records) 2000
"Bluest Glass Eye Sea" 7 Inch (AG Records) 2000
"Nice Ride" Split 7 Inch w/ACS (M-Theory Records) 2000
"Noisepop 99” Double 7 Inch (Horse Brand/DIW) 1999
"Circle Gets the Square" 7 Inch (AG Records) 1998
"Doorway to Norway" LP (AG Records) 1998
"Mike Love not War" 7 Inch 1998 (Horse Brand US)

European tour w/Elliott Smith- Fall 2000
UK tour- Spring 2001
US tour- early 2003 w/The Apples in Stereo
UK dates w/R.E.M. Summer 2003

The Flipsides

(Pink & Black Records US)

listen to The Best of Times

"Clever One" LP, (Pink & Black Records) 2002
”The Flipsides” EP (self-released US) 2000

US & Canada tour- early 2003
European tour- Spring 2003

Preston School of Industry

(Matador records US)
w/ Scott Kannberg (Pavement)

"Peel Sessions" 2001
US (Midwest tour) w/Wilco- Summer 2002
European tour w/Wilco- Spring 2002
US & Canada tour - Spring 2002
Australian tour - Spring 2002
US & Canada tour- Fall 2001
UK tour- Spring 2001
UK - Spring 2001

Paula Frazer Band

(Birdman Records US, Evangeline Records Europe)
"Indoor Universe" LP 2001

Greg Kihn Band

(Berserkely Records)

New year’s eve Pebble Beach extravaganza - Dec. 31 1999