July 2001 PSOI- Dingwalls, London- June 2001

"Initially, it seems as if the astoundingly hard-hitting drummer Jim Lindsay will steal the show, wandering round his kit, acting like a worthy successor to Pavement eccentric Gary Young..."

Oranger: Los Angeles Spaceland- June 13, 2000

"They play fat power-chord-driven psychedelic rock that sounds like The Who, and in drummer Jim Lindsay have a man who could well be the reincarnation of Keith Moon. He flails about the drum kit with his arms and legs in a crazed frenzy, without missing a beat."

Modern Drummer
April 2001

"Oranger treads so close to the Beatle boundaries, one feels almost compelled to warn them. But no harm, no foul. Jim Lindsay gets it dead right on Oranger's Quiet Vibration Land- the push and the pull of the tempo with the sing-songy melody, the nearly muffled tom sound, the swinging fills. This is no "a la" anything; for inspiration, Lindsay went straight to pop's wellspring."

Cincinnati CityBeat
December 14, 2000

"Saw them in San Francisco earlier this year and for all those thinking Keith Moon is dead -- he's not. He's playing drums with Oranger." - Mike Breen